Basic Battery Seminar

The aim of our interactive "Basic Battery Seminar" is to expand your company's expertise along the entire battery value chain. In doing so, we align the training content individually to your desired focus topics. This seminar is suitable for you if you want to gain an initial overview of lithium-ion technology. It can be held either on-site or digitally with eight to twelve participants. Depending on the desired scope, the training lasts between two hours and one day.  

In a kick-off meeting, we clarify the desired content and details with you in advance, create individual training documents and send them to you before the date. On the day of the training, you will receive the relevant presentations by our experts and time to answer specific questions from your project team, including initial recommendations for action regarding your company's possible entry into the battery market and discussion of the possibilities for further cooperation.

Portfolio of the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Battery Cell Production FFB


Basic Battery Seminar

Comprehensive basic workshop according to individual wishes


Guidance on the market

Support for specific questions in the field of battery technology


Fit for LiB

Study on the application of your skills in battery cell production


Market studies

Specific analysis of attractive market fields


Technology study product technology

Sound evaluation of battery technologies with individual focus


Technology study production technology

Sound evaluation of battery technologies with individual focus