Reference projects of the Fraunhofer FFB

Our goal is to conduct research that results in innovative battery production solutions that can be quickly applied in Europe. To achieve this, we work closely with industry and research partners. At Fraunhofer FFB, we maintain a flexible approach and collaborate with our partners to develop customized solutions that meet their unique needs. On this page, you will find a comprehensive list of both current and past projects that we have undertaken in collaboration with various partners from research and industry.

Designing research with a practical focus

Our institution specializes in conducting customized research projects that result in groundbreaking solutions and serves as a primary contact for companies engaged in battery cell production. We offer a range of industrial projects with diverse orientations, which allow us to leverage a wide range of competencies under one roof. We cover the complete value chain from cell design to market launch. We've included a few examples below to give you an idea of our work.


Industrial project with tesa SE

Technology study: Coating and winding of battery cells


Industrial project with KraussMaffei

Extrusion test for electrode paste


Industrial project with Sovema

Provision of anode material for cutting tests


Industrial project with Georg Fischer Piping Systems

Requirements study for piping systems in battery cell production

Publicly funded battery research for Europe

We receive funding, for example, from the European Union, from various federal ministries such as BMBF, BMVI, BMWi, and BMU, as well as from state ministries in North Rhine-Westphalia such as the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy (MWIDE) and the Ministry of Culture and Science (MKW).


Research project

Automated battery cell characterization before, after and through aging tests to monitor long-term effects of production changes


Research project

Quality-oriented and energy-reduced plant technology for LIB and NextGen production in mini-environments


Research project

Implementation of Laser Drying Processes for Economical & Ecological Lithium Ion Battery Production


Research project

Novel processes during recycling of aqueous processed and future batteries


Research project

Interoperable production as an enabler for a data-driven battery value chain


Research project

Accompanying measure and transfer accelerator for the funding initiative "Efficiency increase and use of synergy effects in battery cell production for electromobility"


Research Project

SeRoBatt: "Secondary Sources of Critical Raw Materials for Battery Cell Production - Potentials, Recovery, Resynthesis"