Quality in battery cell production

Quality creates safety and reliability - Batteries must meet high-quality standards to ensure that they deliver the desired performance to end users over the long term. The course for high-quality battery cells is set during product development and cell production. Even small cell production and development deficiencies can have serious economic and safety implications. This is why we have specialized in all facets of quality assurance and quality management in the field of battery cell production in order to offer our project partners the opportunity to develop not only innovative but also high-quality products for their end application. 

Possibilities of cooperation


Quality control and failure analysis:

Preventing, identifying, assessing risks, and eliminating defects in the product and production process. With this four-part approach, we enable our partners to produce cells in sufficient quantities to meet demand. We draw on a comprehensive defect database and extensive knowledge of measurement and test equipment (on the production line and in the laboratory).

Quality management

We ensure that processes and workflow organization in cell manufacturing meet equally high standards as the corresponding products. Therefore, we support our customers in identifying suitable KPIs as well as in process development and employee qualification. To this end, we draw on extensive methodological knowledge in the Six Sigma area coupled with in-depth expertise in battery cell production. 

Error analysis and problem solving: 

We offer expertise in failure analysis and problem-solving to identify potential weak points in battery cell and battery cell production and to develop solution approaches. In doing so, we also supported quality task forces in the plants of cell suppliers in the automotive industry, among others.

Technical cleanliness

One of our core topics is to accompany our customers on their way to a sufficiently low-contaminated production environment. In doing so, we rely on comprehensive knowledge in the field of technical cleanliness. 


In-depth seminar: Production costs

You want to minimize your production costs? We give you the most important tools to do so in our one-day workshop on production cost optimization.


In-depth seminar: Technical cleanliness

This seminar is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Technical Cleanliness Standards (TecSa) and increase awareness of the related process steps and factors. It is a one-day event that delves deeply into the subject matters and factors.