Accompanying measure and transfer accelerator for the funding initiative "Efficiency increase and use of synergy effects in battery cell production for electromobility".

Brief description

The primary goal of the project is twofold: firstly, to assist the companies and research institutions financed through the "SynBatt" initiative in implementing their technology in the industry, and secondly, to create and convey technological synergies.

Project schedule

The course of the project is divided into two parts:

The first part of the project involves technology implementation support, which includes four sub-work packages. Initially, a general overview of technological research subjects related to the SynBatt projects is prepared, followed by a technology scenario analysis.

Next, a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the technological research subjects of all SynBatt projects is developed. Based on the results, technological synergy effects are identified and communicated. Lastly, the project consortia helped in transferring the technologies into industrial implementation.

Scientific knowledge acquired in the field of technology transfer of battery cell manufacturing will be communicated within the battery ecosystem in the second part.


Utilization of results

The SynBatt funding measure and the BETSY project provide substantial support and assistance to projects and project partners in utilizing the results of their research. The technology implementation support provided adds value by accelerating and expanding the implementation of SynBatt project results. The FFB has the opportunity to economically benefit by acquiring projects that build on the SynBatt project. This can include industrial projects related to technology management, as well as the successful application of accompanying measures to funding programs.

The Fraunhofer FFB intends to apply the knowledge and insights gained from the project to enhance its scientific endeavors in the arena of technology management. The obtained results will help establish FFB as a prominent player in the European scientific landscape, specifically in the technology-oriented sphere of battery cell manufacturing.

Furthermore, the FFB collaborates with the Fraunhofer Academy to provide educational initiatives about the battery environment. The project and its outcomes have the potential to aid in accurately determining the demand for educational programs in the German industry. With this information, the educational programs' scope and content can be modified or specified to align with the project's activities.