What are the current issues that our researchers are facing in the battery field? What will we realize in the "FFB PreFab" and the "FFB Fab"? Which possibilities do we see to continuously optimize the performance of battery cells? In our FFB Blog, we take our pulse on precisely these on-going questions. Our team from research and administration provides the answers.

At Fraunhofer FFB, we are excited about the trending topics, the latest technologies, and developments in battery research, and we would like to infect you with this enthusiasm in the blog.

The articles by our researchers and an editorial team intend to describe our activities and provide detailed background information on the research blog.


European Learning Lab Battery Cell

Online Learning World: The Battery Campus

We have created an interactive 3D world called "Battery Campus" to provide a simple introduction to the topic of batteries. The virtual campus allows visitors to explore the world of batteries and learn about various topics in an engaging manner. Through podcasts, videos, articles, and quizzes, visitors of all knowledge levels can discover exciting content. There's something for everyone to enjoy.


Project start / Formation / 20.1.2023

AutoBot - with robots to better battery cells

The first battery cells are to be manufactured in the Fraunhofer "FFB PreFab" as early as this year. Here, our scientists develop innovations for battery cell production under the highest production standards. To ensure that the end products also meet the high-quality requirements, testing of the finished battery cells under real conditions is necessary - this task may soon be taken over by robots.


Project start / 4.4.2023

Knowledge and technology for tomorrows battery cells

Many small steps are required to manufacture a battery cell. From the procurement of materials to the production of the cells, to the recycling process. It quickly becomes clear: The value chain of battery cell production is long and the required skills are diverse.

technology management

Current challenges in solid-state battery technology

It exists much contradictory information about the current development status of solid-state batteries. In the automotive sector in particular, a wide variety of dates are announced for the series production of vehicles with solid-state batteries, and accordingly, there is no meaningful timetable for market maturity. This is where the problem-oriented study of the Fraunhofer FFB comes in with the question: What challenges does the development of solid-state batteries currently face?



Cell designs by Fraunhofer FFB

The cell design significantly determines the properties of the battery. To be able to research and optimize all important variables, Fraunhofer FFB and its FoFeBat project partners have developed eleven cell designs that will be produced in the "FFB PreFab" and "FFB Fab" in the future.