Our industrial focus

Future-proof lithium-ion batteries must be powerful, sustainable and cost-effective at the same time. The production of battery cells is characterized by highly complex sub-processes with a wide variety of requirements. The starting point of battery cell research production is the optimization of the manufacturing process holistically and in detail in order to make production more efficient and sustainable. In doing so, we work closely with industrial companies from the very beginning and enable the direct transfer of knowledge in the sense of applied research. At the same time, companies benefit from our growing network of cooperation partners. In this way, we are driving the innovation and commercialization process along the battery cell production value chain in a targeted manner. The basis for all activities will be our production infrastructure. This is being created at the Münster site and will enable us to scale innovative technologies from pilot production to industrial maturity. We involve industry in the associated transfer processes at an early stage and can thus create competitive advantages. In this way, we can test and validate innovations close to production and drastically shorten innovation cycles. Highly qualified technology experts are available at the battery cell research facility to provide scientifically sound support for industry challenges in joint innovation and development projects. Get in touch with us!

We are active in these areas


Mechanical and plant engineering

We support both newcomers and established companies in battery cell production.


Measurement, control and automation technology

One of our core topics is digitalized production and the establishment of fully networked, intelligent production lines.


Machine and plant components

We offer a platform for the integration, adaptation and optimization of technology innovations.


Active materials and electrolytes

Focus: Evaluation and validation of the interactions of used materials on battery cell level.


Current collectors, separators, housing components

Focus: Passively involved materials as components of a modern battery.


Battery cell production

Our central endeavor is to develop innovations for efficient and sustainable battery cell production. As a research institution, we support you primarily in four topic areas at product and process level.


Module and pack production

The development of high-performance battery packs is directly linked to the development and production of suitable cells.


User and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Our goal in working with users and OEMs is the strategic transfer of knowledge from a production perspective.