Living and Working in Münster

Bicycle city

With 1.67 bicycles per capita, Münster is a bicycle city. More than 100,000 Münster residents use their “Leeze” every day. The bicycle is the most popular means of transport for Münster residents. The urban cycle path network is 300 kilometers long. The centerpiece is the promenade, the city's bicycle highway. (Source: City of Münster)

Green Münster

If you need a break from city life or after work, you don't have far to go into the countryside in Münster. With the Aasee (the big central lake), the botanical garden, the promenade and the Rieselfelder European reserve, there are many ways to "switch off" after work.

Student city

With over 200 students per 1,000 inhabitants, Münster has the highest student density among Germany's major cities. Every year around 65,000 young people flock to Münster to study at the Westphalian Wilhelms University or the University of Applied Sciences, thus ensuring Münster's young cityscape. (Source: City of Münster)