Process innovation & plant engineering

We specialize in providing expertise on process innovations and offer comprehensive support to optimize and further develop processes throughout battery cell production. Our focus is on improving time, cost, quality, sustainability, and energy efficiency. We consider both individual process steps and how they interact with each other in order to optimize the entire system.

We have identified the three biggest levers for process innovation in the direction of resource and energy reduction in the following production areas:

  • Electrode coating and drying
  • Forming and end-of-line testing
  • Implementation of clean and dry rooms

Our goal is to work with you to develop forward-looking solutions for efficient and sustainable production that help optimize battery cell manufacturing. We are at your side from the generation and evaluation of initial ideas to the introduction of market-ready products. In addition to optimizing known/commercial process steps, we also focus on innovative approaches and technologies. This includes the substitution of established steps that promise great potential for further significant progress in terms of resource-saving manufacturing. One example is dry coating, which is a promising alternative to conventional wet coating.

In our future plant park, we place great emphasis on flexibility in the process chain and possible cell designs. This allows us to implement and validate your manufacturing solution, your sensor technology, or your cell chemistry or geometry in our production line.

Through our expertise in process innovation, we can help you increase the competitiveness of your battery cell production while also taking ecological aspects into account. For us, process innovations are to be understood as the result of a precise understanding of the complex interplay of material sciences, quality assurance, energy technology, sustainability and technology management, digitalization, and process knowledge.

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Market analysis: Battery market

Our market analysis of the lithium-ion battery market is based on reliable data. It can assist your company in making strategic decisions by providing valuable insights. By availing of our service, you can receive a comprehensive assessment of your competencies and product portfolio, along with customized decision support. This will help you strengthen your positioning in this rapidly expanding market.

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Process Performance Plus: Efficiency increase through comparative test series

We use comparative test series to generate valuable process data that can guide us in providing specific recommendations for optimization. Our goal is to enhance your manufacturing processes and boost your competitiveness.