Innovations for efficient and sustainable battery cell production

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Cooperation with Fraunhofer FFB

As a link between science, research, and industry, the main objective of the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Battery Cell Production FFB is to establish a research infrastructure for ecological and economical battery cell production. It intends to accelerate the innovation and commercialization process of production technologies for existing and future cell formats. The focal points of our work gather in all areas around battery (production): from battery technology and certification of new battery types to process optimization in production, application, battery recycling, and further education opportunities.

Our service: Scalability, reproducibility and quality in battery cell production

The Fraunhofer Research Facility Battery Cell FFB addresses companies from the mechanical and plant engineering and cell production sectors as well as integrators of lithium-ion battery cells who wish to further develop their products on the basis of the latest cell technologies.

In this European hub, which brings together leading experts in German battery and production technology from industry and research, we will work in the future to transfer new battery concepts and production technology (technology maturity level 5 to 6) to series production (TRL8 to TRL9).


With research into battery cell production and consistently further developed plant technology, we are thus creating the conditions for large-scale production. Thereby, our work focuses on the latest requirements and standards of industrial battery cell production. In this way, we are creating the conditions for the reproducible scaling of innovations at the level of the product (battery cell) or the process (plant technology) while complying with all quality criteria.