Digital Economy

In modern, digitalized production, fully networked, intelligent production lines are being set up. Here, we are driving developments around topics relating to quality assurance, traceability, individualized process control and optimized energy use. The complex process chain of battery production means that known concepts from other areas are difficult to transfer. Our Data Science offers solutions in the following areas:

Digital battery cell production

With a focus on battery cell production, relevant data is collected, aggregated and made accessible to users in a resource-efficient way. The data treasure trove of real production data can also be used by you to develop and test digital services, such as AI models, among others. These include applications such as predictive maintenance, data-based process optimization and product quality prediction.

Digital value chain

Along the battery value chain, we accompany the development of different data-driven applications with real data. Fraunhofer FFB offers the possibility to validate and demonstrate developed digital services in a real production environment. Our experts in processes as well as data science support you in all steps: from development to testing to optimization of your digital services. 

Digital twin

We also provide support in the development and implementation of a "digital twin" for buildings, plants and products, for example, allowing a deep process understanding of your own processes.


Furthermore, we assist in the creation and use of digital simulation models and planning tools for construction, production and logistics along the life cycle of factories for an economical and ecological use of resources.

Offer of the Fraunhofer Research Fabrication Battery Cell FFB Facility


Basic seminar battery

Comprehensive basic workshop according to individual wishes


Orientation on the market

Support with specific questions in the field of battery technology


Fit for LiB

Study on the application of your competencies in battery cell production


Market studies

Specific analysis of attractive market fields


Technology study product technology

In-depth evaluation of battery technologies with individual focus


Technology study production technology

In-depth evaluation of production technologies with individual focus