Battery cell production

Our central endeavor is to develop innovations for efficient and sustainable battery cell production. As a research institution, we support you primarily in four topic areas at product and process level. In the area of manufacturing infrastructure, we develop solutions for production planning and optimization, reduction of rejects, and optimization of start-up and run-in processes. We continuously develop the associated expertise by setting up and operating our own fully networked production lines, thus combining the latest findings from science with practical application on an industrial scale.

With regard to new technologies, we support you in industrialization from both a product and process perspective. In this way, we enable the commercialization of next-generation battery cells and production processes. Among other things, we achieve this by manufacturing new cell formats such as large-format pouch cells or optimizing and applying new process approaches such as dry coating. In addition, we are aligning our infrastructure with the requirements of future cell generations, such as solid-state cells.

Sustainability is a particular concern for us. For example, the production of electrodes from recycled materials or the implementation of special designs that are designed for efficient recyclability ("design-to-recycle") are of great importance to us. In addition, the topic of "Life-Cycle Assessment" (LCA) plays an important role in battery cell research production. With our research, we contribute to finding the right balance between costs and sustainability within production.

Portfolio of the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Battery Cell Production FFB


Basic Battery Seminar

Comprehensive basic workshop according to individual wishes


Guidance on the market

Support for specific questions in the field of battery technology


Fit for LiB

Study on the application of your skills in battery cell production


Market studies

Specific analysis of attractive market fields


Technology study product technology

Sound evaluation of battery technologies with individual focus


Technology study production technology

Sound evaluation of battery technologies with individual focus