Battery as a new business opportunity

The market for batteries - and with it the associated production technology - will grow enormously in the coming years. This will result in new market possibilities and opportunities for many companies from various industries. Innovation and expansion opportunities abound in all fields of the battery cell value chain, starting from the raw materials and materials industry, through suppliers of battery cell components and battery cell manufacturing and integration, to the recycling and reuse of batteries or their parts. Often, innovative solutions originate from other industries and are adapted to battery cell production. 

Fraunhofer FFB is a competent partner for transferring state-of-the-art battery knowledge for the education and training of battery specialists in the direct and indirect battery value chain. It enables its partners to develop technical innovations from entrepreneurial ideas and to bring them to market. As a battery research facility, we provide you with the know-how and the necessary machinery with the required plant and laboratory infrastructure to jointly develop faster and more cost-effective solutions for battery cell production and enable entry into a promising market.


Learning opportunities

European Learing Lab Battery Cells by Fraunhofer FFB

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In this workshop we analyse your existing products for potential battery applications. Possibilities for new developments using existing expertise will also be considered. 



Customized training offers

An all-round basic workshop to suit your individual needs.