Module and pack production

Today's applications place the highest demands on electrical energy storage systems. The requirements continue from the application through the pack and module level to the individual battery cell. Individual integration levels interact closely with each other – the development of high-performance battery packs is directly linked to the development and production of suitable cells.

The aim of Fraunhofer FFB is to support manufacturers of battery modules and packs in the development of products that meet requirements. We achieve this by shortening innovation cycles through high reaction speeds and flexibility in cooperation. The core topic is the increase of sustainability and in this respect the design of pack and cells with regard to aspects such as "Design to Recycle", "Design to Reuse" or "Re-Manufacturing" processes. To this end, we work with you to develop individual solutions and will in future manufacture cell formats and technologies tailored to your application in the form of prototypes and pilot series. These sample cells offer precisely quantified properties in terms of performance and service life.

Portfolio of the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Battery Cell Production FFB


Basic Battery Seminar

Comprehensive basic workshop according to individual wishes


Guidance on the market

Support for specific questions in the field of battery technology


Fit for LiB

Study on the application of your skills in battery cell production


Market studies

Specific analysis of attractive market fields


Technology study product technology

Sound evaluation of battery technologies with individual focus


Technology study production technology

Sound evaluation of battery technologies with individual focus