Digitized battery cell production

Efficient and sustainable battery cell production can only be achieved through the networking of machines, products, buildings, and their data in the context of Industry 4.0.


Our institution is committed to digitalization in two main areas. Firstly, we leverage digital technologies to optimize our processes and gain a deeper understanding of the effects of different parameters. Secondly, we assess and enhance the digitalization of our manufacturing equipment. We test and implement digital methods for battery cell production, ranging from production traceability to the complete digital mapping of products, production, or buildings.

We also offer training and education opportunities to meet the growing demand for specialists in our field. Our aim is to leverage the advantages of digitalization to improve the quality and efficiency of battery cell production.

Live Q&A »The digital twin in battery cell production«

Our first Live Q&A on March 20, 2023, had the motto "Talk to an Expert". We had two experts present: Dr. Jonathan Krauß, Head of the Department for the Digitization of Battery Cell Production, and Arno Schmetz, Group Manager for Data Acquisition and Aggregation. They provided insightful answers to all your questions about the #DigitalTwin in Battery Cell Production. To what extent has digitalization already arrived in the production environment? Which applications are already being implemented? What hurdles have to be overcome? These are just the first open questions to which our experts know the answers. In short keynote presentations, they will also provide insight into the diverse potential that #digitalTwins hold for the production process of #battery cells.

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