Measurement, control, and automation technology

One of our core topics is digitalized production and the development of fully networked, intelligent production lines. Here, we are driving forward developments in the areas of in-line quality assurance, traceability, individualized process control and optimized energy use. In parallel, we are developing a "digital twin" with our project partners from the factory, process and product viewpoints. This allows a deep understanding of the process and aims to further increase efficiency, for example by simplifying processes and increasing throughput.

Central research areas here are the optimization of sensor and control technology, the development of powerful algorithms for data evaluation, and the establishment of overarching interfaces and platforms for the efficient exchange and management of the accumulating data volumes. Through the infrastructure of our project network, we offer direct access to meaningful technology demonstrations. In the upstream development steps for adaptation, we support the transfer of know-how as well as validation and benchmarking.

Portfolio of the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Battery Cell Production FFB


Basic Battery Seminar

Comprehensive basic workshop according to individual wishes


Guidance on the market

Support for specific questions in the field of battery technology


Fit for LiB

Study on the application of your skills in battery cell production


Market studies

Specific analysis of attractive market fields


Technology study product technology

Sound evaluation of battery technologies with individual focus


Technology study production technology

Sound evaluation of battery technologies with individual focus