In the future, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft will operate the Fraunhofer FFB in two newly constructed buildings at the Hansa-BusinessPark in Münster. Both the start-up and the gradual growth of the on-site infrastructure will be realized through multi-stage construction phases. The construction of the new facilities is the responsibility of the state of NRW, or its associated company NRW.URBAN.  

Office space in Münster-Hiltrup

Currently, the staff of the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Battery Cell Production FFB is working on the necessary steps for the construction of our buildings, the technical facilities, and the related infrastructure. For this time until we move in, visitors will find us on the premises at Bergiusstraße 8 in Münster-Hiltrup.

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/HVGe6TUeUKRpqGHU9

Außenansicht des Workspace im Gebäude des Alexianer ProWerk
© Alexianer Werkstätten
Außenansicht des Workspace im Gebäude des Alexianer ProWerk

"FFB Workspace"

In 2021, Fraunhofer FFB commissioned a coating facility with cleanroom technology, the "FFB Workspace", at the "AlexProWerk" of the Alexianer Werkstätten in Münster. Continuous mixing will be tested at this facility. In this process, the materials for coating the cathode and anode are mixed continuously and fed to the coating system. In the "FFB Workspace", the electrodes produced during this process are examined in order to identify optimization potential in the formulation. The "FFB Workspace" has a usable area of 430 square meters and an annual machine capacity of 50-megawatt hours for anode production.

© ARTVISU Artur Krause

»FFB PreFab«

After completion, the state of NRW handed over the first building ("FFB PreFab") to the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. A small-scale battery cell production sample line will be set up in the usable space. This will prepare and accelerate the construction and commissioning of the subsequent test line for medium-scale production research and the production line for large-scale production research. The "FFB PreFab", like the "FFB Fab", will be built on the Hansa BusinessPark site. The "FFB PreFab" will have a machine capacity of around 200 megawatt hours per year for electrode production.

© ARTVISU Artur Krause

»FFB Fab«

In the second construction phase ("FFB Fab"), Fraunhofer FFB is commissioning a production line for large-scale battery cell production. This building will house a convertible manufacturing facility that will enable industrial companies along the entire value chain of battery cell production to test all or selected process steps and optimize them for their purposes. The usable floor space is around 20,000 square meters and the machine capacity for electrode production is around 6.8 gigawatt hours per year.