Fraunhofer TALENTA - Our funding and development program for female scientists

Attracting more women to applied research is an important goal at Fraunhofer. The heart of the concept for equal career opportunities at Fraunhofer is the “Fraunhofer TALENTA” funding and development program. With TALENTA we support female scientists individually at all career levels. The two-year career program is aimed equally at young professionals, female scientists with relevant professional experience and female managers. It is worth taking a closer look at our program if you want to add extra momentum to your career.

With start, speed up and excellence, TALENTA has three funding lines:

  • TALENTA start is aimed at young professionals who, through the program, receive orientation when starting their careers in applied research.
  • TALENTA speed up targets female scientists with professional experience. They receive offers to further qualify and accelerate their career path in the context of specialist and management careers.
  • TALENTA excellence is aimed at women who are striving for or already hold a senior management position at Fraunhofer - for example as a department or business unit manager - and offers individual development opportunities to establish themselves as scientists and managers.