Since 01.01.2022, Fraunhofer FFB has been an independent Fraunhofer facility that is continuously growing. As a young team, we are jointly pursuing an idea with which we want to contribute to the energy shift. Our keywords are:



As a Fraunhofer facility, we have a duty to applied research. We produce battery cells to generate knowledge and transform it into innovations for our daily lives as people and as a society. Promoting innovation on the one hand in ourselves, but also in others, is our service to community.


Sustainability is essential and is one of the biggest challenges facing our society today. We, too, are committed to this goal. What's more, we not only want to be sustainable, in other words, generate a "plus-minus-zero" eco-balance, we intend to defossilize, in other words, contribute to the move away from fossil fuels and energy sources. We aim to achieve this for ourselves as Fraunhofer FFB, in particular, but primarily through our innovations in the field of battery cells.


Our society is in motion and getting increasingly mobile. The battery cell as a core component of portable energy storage is an essential enabler. We are talking about applications in the automotive industry and mobile energy storage for smart devices, implants, aircraft, power tools, and much more. With our battery cell technologies, we want to contribute to increasing mobility capability.


With our innovations, we want to contribute to a sustainable society. This drives us to research novel solutions in battery cell production every day.