Our cooperation partners

IHK NordWestfalen
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The IHK Nord Westfalen promotes trade and industry in the Emscher-Lippe region and in Münsterland, represents their overall interests vis-à-vis the state and politicians, ensures fair competition between companies, and performs sovereign administrative tasks on behalf of the state.

In a joint research and development project, the IHK Nord Westfalen and the Fraunhofer Research Facility for Battery Cell Production FFB are working together strategically in the field of battery production. In addition, the Battery Days 2023 and the #BatteryCityMünster PhD Day were co-organized and supported. To strengthen the innovation location, the IHK Nord Westfalen networks regional companies and research institutions and provides information on funding programs and patent applications, among other things. Together with partners, it promotes regional innovation projects and organizes events such as the Digital Summit Euregio

 Press release on the start of the collaboration

Technologieförderung Münster GmbH
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Technologieförderung Münster is the "shaper of the future" in the urban science district of Münster. We actively promote the economic exploitation of crucial technologies. The regional economy of the Münsterland region is particularly close to our hearts. We network local science and industry with regional, national, and international partners. To this end, we operate several technology centers in which nearly 100 technology-oriented start-ups and companies use modern office and laboratory space with a total area of approximately 20,000 square meters. We speak the language of business as well as that of science. In our Battery Systems technology cluster, we are shaping the further development of #BatteryCityMünster with our location partners. To keep this location attractive and competitive in the future, extensive investments are planned, which will be implemented with a growing and competent team.

Technologieförderung Münster GmbH and Fraunhofer FFB intend to cooperate to carry out joint research and development activities in the following subject areas:

  • Strategic cooperation in the field of battery systems
  • Implementation of common events and trips
  • Exchange of information on relevant developments
  • Promotion of awareness for the international battery region and the battery city Münster
Berylls Strategy Advisors

Berylls Group - is a corporate group specializing in the automotive industry with locations in Germany, Austria, China, Great Britain, South Korea, North America and Switzerland. Berylls experts cover all future topics of the automotive ecosystem. Their expertise combines four specialized units - the Berylls Quartet: Berylls Strategy Advisors, Berylls Digital Ventures, Berylls Mad Media, and Berylls Equity Partners.

The management consultancy Berylls Strategy Advisors serves the entire automotive value chain - from strategic conception to improving operational performance. Fraunhofer FFB is cooperating with Berylls Strategy Advisors to offer consulting and research services in the field of battery-electric mobility for customers in the automotive industry using their combined expertise.

Berylls and Fraunhofer FFB intend to collaborate to conduct joint research and development activities in the following areas:

  • Mutual involvement as experts and special research activities.
  • Joint studies and publications
  • Development of new approaches and methods in the context of battery production
  • Realization of joint events
  • Industrial projects carried out in cooperation 
UK Battery Industrialisation Centre

UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UK BIC) is a British, publicly funded research institution for the further development of battery production. Similar to Fraunhofer FFB, UK BIC aims to develop and scale technologies around battery production. It also offers advanced training in the battery sector. The center is part of a wider network in the UK that supports the development of battery technologies as they move from academic research to large-scale industrial production.

Due to the close thematic links between UKBIC and the Fraunhofer Research Fabrication FFB facility, cooperation has been agreed in the following areas:

  • Increasing the sustainability and efficiency of European battery cell production. 
  • Developing a joint technology roadmap to set out guidelines for industry, policy makers and R&D units
  • Implementation of joint, pre-competitive, strategic projects
  • Exchange of experience in the field of battery cell production
  • Bundling of expertise in the implementation of industrial projects
VDMA Batterieproduktion

The German Engineering Federation, or VDMA for short, is the industry association representing the employer side of its 3,500 European companies. It is regarded as an important mouthpiece for mechanical engineering and represents the common economic, technical, and scientific interests of this industry. With its broad network, the VDMA acts as an essential interface between industry and research.  As a platform for production research, Fraunhofer FFB offers the opportunity to implement technological innovations and transfer them to large-scale production.

The cooperation between VDMA and Fraunhofer FFB pursues, among others, the following objectives:

  • Strengthening the competitiveness of the German and European mechanical and plant engineering industry (especially for battery production).
  • Bringing research into an application quickly and in a focused manner
  • Developing production solutions that contribute to optimizing battery production in terms of cost, quality, and sustainability
  • Merge different solutions into an intelligently networked production, in particular, to realize sustainable efficient battery production 
  • Create public awareness of the strategic importance of mapping the battery value creation network in Europe