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John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino: What do these three men have in common? They are considered the "fathers of the lithium-ion battery". Their research is in smartphones, e-cars, and laptops, and they have revolutionized our everyday lives and changed the world extraordinarily. In 2019, they were honored for this with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. But how exactly does a battery work? Why do we need energy storage devices? What cell types do we distinguish between?

With our information campaign "Skill and Scale up" we report on three central research areas of battery cell production. The range of topics is wide and each angle shows a different facet: Together with Münster University of Applied Sciences, we teach students the basics of battery research in the winter semester of 2023/2024. The content of the campaign fills in with each week of lectures.

For this purpose, we look over the shoulders of the researchers in the FFB Workspace, take a look at the "FFB PreFab" and would like to take the readers into the world of battery cell production with generally understandable reports.

Ready to start our research journey? Then - Skill and Scale up!


Production management / 25.1.2024

Methodically sound production

Die Batteriezellproduktion benötigt das Produktionsmanagement, um den Wertstrom gezielt zu planen und zu verbessern. 


Productionmanagement / 18.1.2024

Full load of quality

What role does quality management play in the increased production requirements of e-mobility and what should manufacturers bear in mind when starting up production?


Productionmanagement / 9.1.2024

Battery production with a green mindset

The thirteenth article focuses on the environment: What can sustainable battery production look like? Sustainability management sets the course.


Productionmanagement / 2.1.2024

Plan innovation strategically

Our twelfth blog article discusses the strategic planning of technological progress through technology management.


Digitized Battery Cell Production / 12.12.2023

Simulations as a forecasting method

What are the advantages of simulations for battery production? Get an overview.


Digitized Battery Cell Production / 12.12.2023

Machine Learning in production

How can data be decrypted correctly and how can the information obtained be used sensibly? We explain.


Digitized Battery Cell Production / 5.12.2023

IT architectures for the smart factory

IIoT and data acquisition: We provide an insight into the IT architecture of battery cell production.


Digitized Battery Cell Production / 28.11.2023

Battery production 4.0: the digital twin

What is a digital twin? We explain this technology and its implementation at Fraunhofer FFB.


Battery Production Basics / 21.11.2023

Material, Value Chain and Recycling of LIB

What raw materials are needed for LIBs? How can they be recycled? The seventh blog article provides an overview.


Battery Production Basics / 14.11.2023

Build and Ramp up: Planning a Gigafactory

How is battery cell production planned? What requirements does it place on the location and the building? Find out more in the new blog article.


Battery Production Basics / 8.11.2023

The production process of a lithium-ion battery

In our new article, we explain the production of battery cells step by step, from electrode production to assembly and cell finalization. 


Battery Production Basics / 31.10.2023

Balancing act: fast-charging capability, energy density and longevity

What makes it so hard to produce a battery that simultaneously lasts a long time, can be charged quickly, and stores a lot of energy? The key performance indicators are in focus.


Battery Production Basics / 24.10.2023

Lightweight, powerful and durable

How exactly is a battery built and how does it work? We explain this in our second blog post.


Battery Production Basics / 16.10.2023

Voltage applied

When was the battery invented? And why is it so important to have energy storage devices?