Exhibition and conference  /  October 25, 2023  -  October 26, 2023


Fraunhofer FFB is partnering with the Chair of PEM at RWTH Aachen University and Campus Forum to co-organize the Electromobile Production Days (EPT) in Aachen. This event is held annually in October and is now in its eleventh year.

Every year, the event serves as a platform for hundreds of participants, including stakeholders from research and industry, to discuss the latest developments in areas such as batteries, fuel cells, electric motors, vehicle integration, and recycling. The event has seen growth with the emergence of new markets and business areas, particularly with the rise in the number of battery factories planned or established in Europe.

Around 70 companies and various "Expert Talks

The EPT is a part of the Aachen "Week of Electro-Mobility", which includes both digital trade fair and specialist conference offerings along with face-to-face seminars. The event provides over 1,500 minutes of content on the battery sector alone and more than 400 minutes on fuel cells annually, in addition to various themed sessions and around 60 hours of specialist presentations on all aspects of e-mobility and its production. Over 70 companies regularly take part in the event, and "Expert Talks" offer insights into the industry's current challenges and solution approaches.

Recycling and digitization topics are increasingly requested

The face-to-face seminar program has been updated to include important topics such as digitalization in production and the collective term "Re-X" which encompasses battery repair, reuse, and recycling. Additionally, the program will cover permanent topics such as battery production, development, and safety, e-motor production, and fuel cell production. For more information about the event, please visit the official EPT website.