Diary of the »FFB PreFab«

On February 2, 2023, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia ceremoniously handed over the "FFB PreFab" building to the Fraunhofer Research Fabrication Battery Cell FFB facility. Since then, interior construction has been progressing in great strides. The construction site diary records the progress and provides information at regular intervals about what is currently happening on the construction site.

Juni 2023

© Fraunhofer FFB
This is a space where upscaling takes place later: The innovation modules of the FFB PreFab provide space for our partners to test their innovations behind closed doors and bring them to industry level.
Outdoor air units
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The air that is drawn in from outside must be prepared and preconditioned for the dehumidifiers as well as the ISO-8 cleanroom units, as the air conditions outside can always vary greatly. The units guarantee a consistent air standard.
ISO-8 Reinraumanlage
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The ISO-8 cleanroom system prepares and filters the air for the cleanrooms. It also brings the air to the right temperature.
© Fraunhofer FFB
The screed moves into the clean and dry rooms.
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The drying system is gradually connected with the underlying rooms.
Meanwhile, the back-end of the electrode production is a room under construction with a pipe connection to the technical level.

Mai 2023

Ventilation pipes in the battery factory
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The ventilation pipes, which will in future transport the moisture from the clean and dry rooms, were installed in May.
Dehumidification system
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In addition to low air contamination, low humidity is also necessary for cell production. The electrolyte must be filled in a dry environment to prevent the lithium hexafluoride from reacting with water vapor in the air to form hydrogen fluoride.
Technology level in the battery cell factory
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In May, all heavy-duty components were placed on the technical platform. These can now be connected to the rooms below by pipes and cables.
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Am 16.05.2023 besuchte der niederländische Botschafter gemeinsam mit der niederländischen Botschaftsrätin für Bildung und Wissenschaft Ellen Ipenburg-Tomesen sowie dem Münsteraner Honorarkonsul der Niederlande Dr. Eduard Hüffer die Baustelle der »FFB PreFab«, um sich über den Entwicklungsstand sowie das Gesamtvorhaben zu informieren.
© Fraunhofer FFB
Stefan Löher, the site manager at Fraunhofer FFB, explains to the guests, among other things, how the clean and dry rooms work.
© Fraunhofer FFB
From left to right: Prof. Simon Lux, Director of Fraunhofer FFB; Dr. Eduard Hüffer, Consul of the Netherlands in Münster; Ronald van Roeden, Dutch Ambassador to Germany; Ellen Ipenburg-Tomesen, Counsellor for Education and Science; Stefan Löher, Plant Manager of Fraunhofer FFB.
April 2023
In the hallway between the back end and the lab.
In the meantime, a two-part division of the hall can be seen: the first shell for the electrode production rooms and the first innovation laboratories as well as the corridor in between can now be clearly seen.
The drying units move in on the steel frame above the clean and drying rooms. Due to their very high weight of over 7 tons, this is done with a rope hoist and a specially manufactured device.
The last walls of the back-end of the electrode production are being raised.
Construction of the heavy-duty platform over which the technology is brought in on the second level of the steel scaffolding.
The exits to the individual clean and dry room cabins can already be clearly seen here
March 2023

March 2023

A lot has happened on the FFB PreFab construction site over the last month. While the steel construction was completed, the floors were sealed and the first metal walls surrounding the clean and dry rooms were put in place. Thus, piece by piece, the room layout is becoming apparent and the large hall is becoming several air-conditioning rooms.

The steel frame is now completely erected and fills more than three quarters of the hall area. The wall and ceiling modules are currently stored underneath it, ready for installation.
The second, somewhat larger cabin, can now also be seen. In the future, the calendering process step will take place here on 390 square meters.
The corridor between the clean and dry rooms is now also recognizable.
February 2023

February 2023

Currently, the steel platform is being installed throughout the hall in three construction stages, two of which have already been successfully completed. It is already so stable that it is safe to walk on it. At the same time, the construction of the cabins has begun, with the outer wall of the areas already taken down and being erected first. As soon as the rooms are in place, the screed will be laid, followed by the interior walls. In addition, the extension of the hall technology is being carried out in parallel by NRW.Urban.

leere Fabrikhalle
Early February: The empty hall of »FFB Prefab«.
The steel construction work begins, and everything is laid out ready.
Over the month, the hall gradually fills up. The second floor becomes visible, and clean rooms and drying rooms are built underneath.
End of February: The steel platform fills the hall as far as possible.
The steel platform is already stable enough to walk on.
At the same time, the construction of the cabins has begun, with the outer wall of the areas already taken down and being erected first. As soon as the rooms are in place, the screed will be laid, followed by the interior walls.

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